Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m an expert in using a variety of GIS and procedural 3D softwares to capture and process large photorealistic photogrammetry datasets of real world environments. I have developed a deep knowledge of every step of the capture pipeline from 3D scanning to organizing the data to preserve its photorealistic character, all while operating within the technical constraints imposed by the publishing platform. Lately my primary focus is on using the Python and VEX programming languages in the Houdini environment to create custom pipeline tools that process and organize photogrammetry data for a variety of purposes ranging from Virtual Reality experiences to generating Machine Learning datasets. I am also a photographer with a proven ability to work collaboratively in complex environments, having worked on a variety of development projects in the Middle East. Visit the links below to follow me on my preferred social media accounts, or email me directly if you have any questions.

photographer, writer, and founder of Arc Moment Magazine